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Here you will find all information about the auction platform and vehicle purchase at WOM.

If you have any further questions, check for the answer in our FAQ or send us a message via our contact page.

Please note that only professionals can register with us. To register with us and have access to the WOM auction platform, please fill out the following form: Registration form

After submitting the form, you will receive a link to confirm your registration. You will then receive your free 14-day demo account. This gives you an initial insight into the platform. However, still you cannot bid on vehicles.

For active participation, we need the following documents from you, preferably sent by email to registrierungwomauktioncom:

  • Copy of personal identity
  • Copy of business registration
  • VAT ID (if available)

After we have checked your documents, you will receive the invoice for the registration fee. The currently valid fees for using the WOM auction platform can be found here: Overview of fees.

As soon as the payment has been received, you will be informed by email about the activation of your account and you are ready to go!

You will find the login link at the top right of our website. For security reasons, you will now be taken to the separate login page, where you can log in with your access data. Click on “My Account” to display your personal data. We recommend that you change your password regularly. If your contact data changes, we do request that you send an email to registrierungwomauktioncom so that we can modify it accordingly.

You can see the most important information on each vehicle at a glance in the tabular vehicle overview. By clicking on a column title (e.g. “Manufacturer”), all vehicles are sorted in alphabetical order of the manufacturer.

Here you will find the explanations of the individual columns:




Classification of the vehicle:
A: Vehicles of insurance companies with information without guarantee

B: Vehicles of insurance companies with information with guarantee

D: Vehicles of dealers






Drive type

G: Gasoline

D: Diesel

H: Hybrid

U: Unknown


Rated power in kW


Cubic capacity


Date of initial registration


Mileage at the time of the inspection




Number of images: Because image rights are generally owned by experts, we are not always allowed to use the images. In such cases, you are welcome to contact our remarketing team at any time. They will be happy to advise you in creating your bid.


Calculation of the expert: The calculated repair and spare part costs will give you a better idea of the damage to the vehicle.


Location of the vehicle: The state and the first two digits of the postal code are displayed here.


Replacement value


Calculated repair costs


Residual value that has already been collected regionally by the expert


Your bid:

Here you can directly place your bid. If you have already placed a bid for a vehicle, it will also be displayed here.


Value added tax can be stated if an “x” is specified


Bid retrieval: The auction is closed at this time


Object number for identification of the vehicle at WOM. You must specify this with each communication with us


Date on which the vehicle was inserted

“Eye” symbol

View vehicle: The eye is activated automatically as soon as you have viewed a vehicle. Click on “F5” to update the page. This will allow you to get a better overview of which vehicles you’ve already seen, and which you haven’t.

  • Vehicle typeThe blue icons on the left show you only cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, or other vehicles with one click. The “available vehicles” symbol calls up all vehicles for which you have a 100% chance of winning because the owner has already agreed to sell the vehicle. Whether you get the vehicle depends only on your highest bid!
  • Vehicle details
    For more detailed information on a vehicle, in the vehicle overview, click on a vehicle that interests you. Here you will find all relevant vehicle data: pictures of the vehicle, description of the equipment and the damage, calculation, other notes, and the vehicle details for download.
    Tip: Look at the images closely; in some cases, due to the VIN survey there may be deviations in the description of equipment. In such cases, the vehicle as represented in the photos should take precedence.

We also recommend that you take the vehicle details with you when you pick up the vehicle in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

With our search and filter functions, you can easily find the right vehicles for you in our stock of up to 2000 vehicles, which changes daily!

  • Keyword search
    In the search field you can search for any term e.g. a “Golf”, a specific WOM ID, or other keywords.
  • Extended search
    If you are searching for a specific type of vehicle, you can use the extended search to set as many personal filters as you like in order to find the vehicle that interests you. You can filter results according to various criteria, such as: Vehicle type, manufacturer, model, first registration, location, and much more.

    Example: If you would like to drive only to specific locations, input the postal code in the format 70,71,72, and save your filter for your next visit.

    During your next visit, go directly to “Filters” to apply your saved filters.
  • Pre-made filters
    You can apply your saved filters at any time in the vehicle overview. Among other things, you will also find ready-made filters, such as “My current offers”. This filter will display an overview of the bids you have made in auctions that are still ongoing.

    Tip: To avoid making the wrong decision, please check your bids regularly. After the auction is complete, it will no longer be possible to make corrections.
  • News tickerOn request, you can receive a daily newsletter with the vehicles that match your personal filter so that you do not have to search for vehicles yourself every day. For this, please contact registrierungwomauktioncom.

You can put a bid on a vehicle both in the vehicle details and in the vehicle overview. Click on “make offer”, and enter the amount you would like to bid. If your offer is below the indicated residual value, the system will display this to you. You can still place the bid – however, the chances of being the highest bidder may be slightly lower.

If you have placed a bid, you will see this in green in the vehicle overview for the corresponding vehicle. Click on this green lettering again before the auction ends to change or cancel your bid.

Please note:

  • The bidding is always the gross amount
  • All bids are binding up to 3 weeks after expiry of the auction. This period of validity applies to every bid – no matter which rank you have achieved
  • Bids can no longer be changed or cancelled after bid expiry
  • A price reduction on site is not possible
  • If there have been any typing errors, please send an email to regulierungwomauktioncom. We will do everything possible to withdraw the bid, however, the decision is in the hands of the seller.

Tip: Regularly check your currently submitted bids in the platform, since you can still change or cancel your bid during the auction. If you are unsure about submitting bids or you have questions about vehicles, our remarketing team is happy to advise you.

After the auction you will find your bids and information about the auction in “Results”. You can also apply various filters here to achieve a better overview. After 24 h, you will be able to view which rank your bid achieved. Once you have reached the maximum bid, you will find out within 3 weeks whether the vehicle owner agrees to the sale or not.

Please note that not all vehicles are traded. The vehicle owner always makes the sales decision. If he/she decides on the sale within the validity period of 3 weeks, we will inform the buyer promptly.

For each vehicle purchase, our IBS team will assist you during the entire purchase transaction. Use of the WOM International Buyer Service is mandatory. Our International Buyer Service takes care of the following areas in particular:

  • Exchange of contact and location information
  • Informative assistance with the purchase contract (it is possible to submit your own purchase contract)
  • Clarifying the pick-up criteria (potential special agreements)
  • Clarifying the procedure for financed and leased vehicles
  • Contract template and authorisation for the release of the registration document
  • Trustee service (exchange of vehicle documents and residual value amount)

If you have received the sales confirmation as a buyer, you have 6 working days to pick up the vehicle from the owner. Usually stand fees are then incurred. Always take the pick-up authorisation document with you for pick-up. Without this document you cannot take the vehicle with you. If the vehicle exhibits deviations from the vehicle description, note these in the purchase contract.

The method of payment is agreed upon with the vehicle owner and varies from case to case. In the case of credit-financed or leased vehicles, payment must generally be made in advance by bank transfer.

Tip: In order to avoid stand rental fees, we recommend contacting the vehicle owner as soon as possible so that you can pick-up the vehicle promptly. When picking up, you should also take the vehicle details from the platform with you in order to check concordance with the vehicle.

We do our best every day to prevent complaints and misunderstandings. However, we cannot completely exclude this and will try to process your request as soon as possible. In order to be able to initiate a quick processing and clarification, we ask you to observe the following information:

  • Report a complaint immediately after taking note of it at the location of the vehicle. Send the WOM ID and photo documentation by email to regulierungwomauktioncom.
  • It is possible that complaints about vehicles that are not checked on site and directly reported might no longer be processed.
  • Have your WOM ID and the purchase contract on hand for communications.
  • The vehicle in question must be made available during the entire complaint process until it is released, and its condition may not be changed.
  • The indication that the vehicle is “drivable” (“fahrbereit”), which can be found in a description text, does not absolve the buyer from an existing risk taken when the vehicle is driven on its own axle.

TIP: In order for the complaint to be processed as quickly as possible, we recommend checking the vehicle accordingly upon pick-up and to take photos of any deviations from the vehicle details.