How can I register?

Please note that only professionals can register with us. To register, please fill out the following form:  Registration form

After submitting the form you will receive a link to confirm your registration.

You will then receive your free 14-day demo account. This provides an insight into the exchange; however, you cannot yet bid on vehicles.

For active participation, we need the following documents from you, preferably sent by email to registrierungwomauktioncom:

  • Copy of your personal identification
  • Copy of your business registration
  • VAT ID (if available)

After we have checked your documents, you will receive the invoice for the registration fee. As soon as the payment has been received, you will be informed by email about the activation of your account. 

How much does it cost to register with WOM?

The annual registration fee is €200.00 (net).

How many vehicles are on offer at the auction platform?

You have access to a daily changing range of up to 2000 accident vehicles.

How do I find the vehicles I am interested in?

You can search for a specific term in the search field of the exchange. If you are searching for a specific type of vehicle, you can use the extended search to set as many personal filters as you like in order to find the vehicle that interests you. On request, you can also receive a daily newsticker with the vehicles that match your filter.

How do I place a bid?

You can place a bid on a vehicle both in the vehicle details and in the vehicle overview. Click on “Make offer” and enter the amount you would like to bid. Please note that this number is always a gross amount.

Can I change a bid that I have already placed?

If the auction has not yet expired, you can click on your bid to change or cancel it. Once the bid has expired, this is no longer possible.

If there have been any typos, please send an email to regulierungwomauktioncom  

We will do everything possible to withdraw the bid, however, the decision is in the hands of the lister. You should therefore regularly check your current bids on the platform.

I am unsure about the bidding.

If you are unsure about submitting bids or you have questions about vehicles, our remarketing team vermarktungwomauktioncom will be happy to advise you.

How long am I bound to my bid?

The binding period is 21 days and applies to each bid, regardless of your rank. You can view the binding period for your vehicles in the “Results” at any time.

Because WOM is the first point of contact for the vehicle owners, the sales commitment is valid on the day on which the vehicle owner contacts WOM.

When do I get the commitment to the sale?

Not all vehicles will be sold. The vehicle owner always makes the sales decision. If he/she decides to sell within the binding period of 3 weeks, we will inform you immediately.

How does the purchase transaction work?

Our International buyer service (IBS) supports you in the complete purchase transaction. This includes the following service:

  • Exchange of contact and location information
  • Informative assistance with the purchase contract (it is possible to submit your own purchase contract)
  • Clarifying the pick-up criteria (potential special agreements)
  • Clarifying the procedure for financed and leased vehicles
  • Contract template and authorisation for the release of the registration document
  • Trustee service (exchange of vehicle documents and residual value amount

When do I pay for the vehicle?

From receipt of the purchase contract and invoice you have 6 working days to pay for the vehicle and pick it up.

How do I pay?

The method of payment is agreed with the vehicle owner and varies from case to case. In the case of credit-financed or leased vehicles, payment must generally be made in advance by bank transfer.

Are the prices including tax?

All offers are gross values regardless of whether VAT can be stated or not.

Exceptions are vehicles with US registration. This usually involves additional costs such as customs and value-added tax. Bidders will also be informed of these. At the time of determining the residual value, there is the note “VAT identifiable”. It says either yes, no, or unknown.

Where are the vehicles located?

The vehicles are not at a specific collection point. They can be located anywhere in Germany. For your orientation, the first 3 digits of the postcode are indicated in the details. You can use the filter function to enter the area for a specific postal code. This allows you to see only vehicles that are in your area.

When do I have to pick up the vehicle?

After receipt of the purchase contract and the invoice, you have 6 working days to pick up the vehicle from the owner and pay for it. Afterwards, stand fees will be charged.

In order to avoid stand rental fees, we recommend contacting the vehicle owner as soon as possible so that you can pick-up the vehicle promptly.

Do I have to pay attention to anything when picking up the vehicle?

Always take the pick-up authorisation document with you for pick-up. Without this document you cannot take the vehicle with you.

For leased or financed vehicles, you transfer the amount in advance because the bank receives the money and not the vehicle owner.

TIP: Take the vehicle details from the platform with you when picking up, to check concordance with the vehicle.

What do I do if the vehicle does not correspond to the description in the platform?

If the vehicle description deviates from the vehicle description, this must be reported to the following contact address immediately after becoming aware of it at the pick-up/location of the vehicle along with the WOM ID and photo documentation: regulierungwomauktioncom

The colleagues from the regulatory department will then inform you about the further procedure.

Please also note in the case of complaints!

  • It is possible that complaints about vehicles that are not checked on site and directly reported, might no longer be processed.
  • Have your WOM ID and the purchase contract on hand for communications.
  • The vehicle that has been complained about must be made available during the entire complaint process and its condition cannot be altered!

Can I drive a vehicle that is “drivable” (“fahrbereit”) according to the description?

The indication that the vehicle is “drivable”, which can be found in a description text, does not absolve the buyer from an existing residual risk taken when the vehicle is driven on its own axle.

Are the vehicles de-registered at pick-up?

Generally the vehicles should be handed over de-registered. If the seller would like the buyer to cancel the contract, this is noted in the contract documents.

Can the vehicles also be delivered?

The vehicles must be picked up by the buyer after purchase. WOM does not offer any logistic services.

Can I inspect the vehicle on site?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

For questions about vehicles, please contact vermarktungwomauktioncom

If you have any questions regarding the purchase process, please contact verkauf@womauktion.com

In case of discrepancies in description or upon pick-up, please contact regulierungwomauktioncom

Our customer service can also be reached on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm under the following service hotline: 0049 (0) 7248 93131 – 0

What are the costs to use the platform?

The current fees can be found in our price list.

If the payment or collection period of 6 days is exceeded, parking space fees may apply. Towing services, car dealerships, and body shops always charge storage fees. An exact amount cannot be set here because the costs depend on the size of the object, on the storage (open-air or hall), and on the region.